An Easy Summertime Hairstyle for Shorter Hair

Warm weather calls for hair that's easy peasy to maintain, and when it's on the shorter side like mine keeping it our of your face (and not looking like a pineapple) can be a bit of chore. My go to is always a half up half down do. This keeps the hair out of your face but still has that chicness of being down. From crown twists to simple braids I try and mix it up but this style is by far the simplest and super quick to do in a rush. 

Start by sectioning of the amount of hair at the front that you ant to pin back, at this point I also pull out any bit's I want to be left out like the pieces that frame my face. Next, take each section and braid it back; to do this you just braid as normal but make sure you are pulling it towards the back of your head so it will sit well when it comes to pinning it. You can secure both braids with either bobby pins or a clear elastic, I personally prefer pins, and I tend to cross them over to give better hold. If you have a few extra seconds then you can hide the bobby pins a little better than I have here by tucking them under the braid when pinning them in.  

That's it, easy-peasy lemon squeezy. A really pretty simple hairstyle to keep the hair off you face in the sweaty weather.