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Hi there. Long time no see. How are you all? I'm sure like me you are loving this slightly chilly weather, it has certainly got me in the mood for autumn/winter and to ease back into the blogging swing I thought I'd share some current makeup faves. 

I'm going, to be honest, I haven't bought or tried many new beauty products recently so most are tried and tested favourites that tend to come into rotation every autumn. These have been my go-to day-to-day products over the past few weeks and I can't recommend them enough. 


It Cosmetics CC+ Cream- I have talked about this stuff until the cows come home in the past and yes, I really am bringing it up again. It's just so gosh darn good. I finally picked it up in the shade fair and it's perfect for my fading summer holiday tan (oh yes I really am that pale). The SPF 50 is always a bonus and the finish is just perfect for all skin types, not too dewy nor too matte. The coverage has a superkick for a CC, and in my opinion, it's just a bottle of pure goodness.

Jouer Creme Highlighter in Camellia- I have been using this pretty dinky highlight constantly. The pearly shade is a lot cooler than I usually go for but it just looks so dewy and bright on the cheekbones. The formula is really buttery but doesn't feel too oily or slick. My only complaint; the size. Please Jouer, just make the pan a little bigger. 

MAC Eyeshadow in Saddle- Cork used to be my go-to autumnal, easy peasy, all over the lid eye colour but I recently discovered Saddle and oh boy do I love it. The rich warm brown that isn't too dark for my pale skin but also isn't wishy-washy. I have had it sitting in a palette for probably over a year and I'm so glad I have finally given it a good go. Seriously, if you buy one beauty item this autumn, this has to be it!

Burberry Kisses Lipstick in Rose Blush- I am obsessed with this lipstick and probably have been for the past three years. Every September I whip it out of storage and wear it on repeat. It's the perfect everyday subtle berry rose shade that just looks so pretty.

Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soliel Bronzer- When the sun disappears so does any colour I have on my skin, I mean we're talking practically see through. I need a kick of bronzer so I don't look washed out or ill but it can be really tricky for it to not look muddy or orange. Enter Too Faced's milk chocolate bronzer. The perfect pale bronze shade that isn't too ashy like a contour but that isn't orange either, and matte. Win. 

Cover FX Customer Cover Drops- Simply, you need these right now. Ok, so I have been a bad person and in the past may have slated these (hides in dark corner). Earlier in the year, I decided to give them a second chance after hearing countless amazing reviews, and boy, am I glad I did. I use them so often now and they make my foundation routine totally customisable. If I need a bit more coverage but want the finish of my favourite dewy lightweight foundation, no problem. Just add a few drops and like magic, it's perfect for a night out.  


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