Mansur Gavriel Mini Mini Sun Bag

Mansur Gavriel Mini Mini Sun Bag (2 of 5).jpg

Mansur Gavriel is having a bit of a moment, and their bucket bags seems to have become a blogger favourite. I can totally see why, as the brand has beautifully made bags at pretty decent prices. I love that they use natural vegetable tanned cammello leather for this bag and many of their others, which means they offer a really beautiful finish that patinas over time. After milling over their stunning selection I decided on their Mini Mini Sun bag which is a new addition to the line. I was a little stuck when it came to sizes and as I wanted to buy online I had to take a bit of a guess but the Mini Mini is a perfect 'nip to the shops' size for me. It also comes three other sizes making it a really versatile style. I love the bow detail as their signature and think it adds a real touch to the bag. What I also love about the sun bag is that I don't have to undo the bow to get into it like you do with the bucket. Like all of their bags the inside is pretty minimal with just one pocket that you can slip stuff into and the one bigish section for the majority of your belongings. So far I am loving it and have been wearing it most days. I was worried about the leather wearing and rightly so as I already have a few marks on it which you may be able to see in the pictures but it all honestly it doesn't bother me, I can see as it ages it will look worn in a good way, but it's certainly something to bear in mind if scratches and marks concern you. From the Mansur Gavriel website you can get an array of colours and even pick your interior colour (mine has a baby pink inside btw), sadly they only sell within the U.S. from their site right now, well, you can have items shipped worldwide but do remember import duties etc. Here in the UK Net-A-Porter has a great selection of the different styles and shades. I have my eye on a sunny yellow shade next, or maybe somthing in suede?