My Favourite Pink Lipsticks

I am a typical girl, I just love pink. Part of me wants to wear it 24/7 and paint my bedroom walls fuschia but come on, we all know that's not practical in real life. One area where I do let my love of pink come into play is lipsticks, and if you know me, you know lipsticks are my most cherished beauty item. From dusty rose shades to the brightest hot pink, I love them all and they are the shades on constant rotation in my collection. So I thought why not delve into my beauty drawers and share a few favourites with you. There is something for everyone and colours in all different price brackets. 

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in 8- The formula of these lipsticks rock and I am sure you have heard me go on about them again and again. Shade 8 is a lightish pink balmy colour that glides onto the lips seamlessly. The shade isn't too warm nor too cool making it a great for the majority of skin tones. From light to dark skin, I think it looks beautiful on all. 

L'Oreal Julianne's Nude- So they call it a nude, well I beg to differ. To me, it is most certainly a pink. It is slightly warm in tone but nothing to peachy which means I can still get away with it without looking dead (as I do in so many warm pinks). It has a sheeny finish that I wouldn't necessarily call frosty but think along those lines.

Laura Mercier Pink Dusk- This shade is quite a bit deeper than my other choices and looks incredible on darker skins as well as those who are really fair. Again it leans more on the warm side but its rich rose colour means that it really suits the warmth given. It has a creme finish that looks very healthy and glowing on the lips. 

MAC Angel- What a classic eh? I dug this out the back of my beauty drawer and forgot how much I loved until I popped it on my lips again. So yes, it is in the MAC frost family which I would usually steer well clear off, but this shade is just so darn pretty. It is the one I am wearing in the picture above and you can see it isn't metallic or overly frosty at all. This shade has a cooler tone to it and almost throws out a bit of a purple vibe. 

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in In Time 93- Just a heads up these lipsticks legit smell like a bottle of perfume so if you hate that, stay away. I must say it doesn't overly bother me. Do I wish they'd get rid of it? Hell yeah, but I can get over it. I say I can get over it because this shade is just so beautiful. In Time is a sheer pale pink that is the perfect 'I don't want to wear lipstick' lipstick. The formula glides on and leaves a pretty glossy finish that hangs around all day. 

Tom Ford Pink Dusk- Going by the same name as my Laura Mercier favourite this TF lipstick is pure luxury. It is in fact quite a different shade to it's Mercier twin and is more pinky nude in colour. The formula is second to none and graces your lips all day long while hydrating and leaving a pretty creme finish. 

Marc Jacobs Have We Met?- This shade is the warmest of them all, and one I find tricky to wear but somehow still am obsessed with it. It is quite a bright mid pink in Marc Jacobs lovely gel formula. To be able to get away with it I have to really blend it into the lips and almost leave it as a stain but when I get it right it just looks fantastic. 

Urban Decay Comfort Matte Backtalk- I LOVE backtalk, it is such a fun pink shade and quite different to any other I own. The matte formula is still creamy and comfortable to wear while giving you that really nice matte look. The shade itself leans again a little cooler with some purple tones, think ABH soft lilac.