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I'm pretty young but I like to think even at the ripe old age of 19 I know a thing or two about skincare. I have had a full on cleanser, toner, serum, eye cream, and moisturiser routine since about the age of 15 and it's fair to say I am more than a little obsessed with it all. 

Being a blogger for the past five years I have been able to try and share a lot of products with you all and I thought it's about time I share my creme de la creme of skincare (for me anyway, who has pretty clear but dry skin), the stuff I buy over and over again. 

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Murad Hydrodynamic Moisturiser- I have spoken about this again and again and for dry skin, I haven't been able to find anything better. It has a rich creamy texture but never feels heavy or greasy on the skin which I love, because a lot of the time ultra hydrating can mean heavy and gluggy. 

Alpha-H Liquid Gold- I am a big fan of chemical exfoliants and glycolic acid based ones are generally favourites of mine. Liquid Gold is literally worth its weight in gold. The glycolic acid and liquorice root work hard to penetrate into the skin and clear out pores, reduce wrinkles and help clear acne.  

NUDE Advanced Renewal Serum- This has been my holy grail serum for yonks, I forever drift away to pastures new, but whenever I come back I always remember why it's the one for me. It is mainly aimed at anti ageing but I still love using it nonetheless. The lightweight formula sinks in beautifully and leaves my skin feeling ultra soft and glowy. 

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Superfacialist by Una Brennan Vitamin C+ Cleansing Oil- This cleansing oil is so affordable and it's by far my favourite! The consistency of the oil is perfect for removing all makeup, including waterproof mascara. A bottle also seems to last me such a long time, oh and did I mention it smells amazing too? 

Rosehip Oil- Any rosehip oil that has been cold pressed is a winner in my book. It brightens, hydrates and leaves skin super soft, but the reason it is my favourite natural oil is that it sinks into the skin so easily. I am currently using Pai's which is a little more sophisticated than your traditional rosehip oil, with it using the fruit as well as the seed oil. 

Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist- I find toners can be a bit, well useless at times, but the Queen of Hungary mist by Omorovicza is such a joy to use and you actually see results. I find after using it my skin feels hydrated, soothed, and visibly brighter. Plus the rose scent is just dreamy.

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Tula Exfoliating Mask- Tula is a tricky brand to find here in the UK (hence it not being linked below), but if you live in the U.S. you need to jump on the Tula bandwagon now. I have written a lot about the brand previously and before I left the U.S. I stocked up on my favourite mask from them. The blue pot of magic makes my skin feel like the softest velvet, all while clearing any blackheads and nasty stuff. 

The Ordinary Natural Moisturising Factors + HA- If you are after a budget-friendly moisturiser then this is your guy. It contains hyaluronic acid which draws and holds moisture on the skin along with other 'natural moisturising factors' such as glycerin which creates a barrier and holds in moisture. Making it perfect for the winter months. 

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