The Best Facial Exfoliators

Exfoliation; there is just something about the word that kind of makes me shiver. Maybe it’s the thought of sloughing off dead skin or the potential disaster on sensitive skin but I must admit it scares me a little. Saying all this you may think I am anti exfoliate when in fact I love it. To me it’s a crucial part of my skincare routine and my parched complexion finds it tricky to survive without a good slough every few days. When it comes to buying an exfoliator, the market can be a bit of a mind field; do you go for a manual scrub, lotion, serum, chemical liquid or mask? From drugstore to high end I have listed my top picks below. As a guide think scrub think quick, mask pamper time, serum leave overnight, liquid on in a snap but work over time and lotions similar to that also.