The Ordinary Coverage Foundation First Impressions

The Ordinary has had a huge buzz around it lately so naturally, I have been itching to try some of their products. When they announced they were launching 'colours' there was quite the hysteria around it. They have come out with their incredibly affordable and unsurprisingly popular Serum and Coverage Foundations in a tonne of different shades.

I have already given the Serum Foundation a go and really enjoyed it, but more on that soon. In today's video, I decided to do a little first impression on the Coverage Foundation along with this really pretty summer warm eye look using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette. So watch below to hear my thoughts and see the coverage and finish this incredibly affordable foundation gives. 

This was my first video I had filmed in a while and getting used to the lighting again took some adjusting so I do hope you can bear with me on that. I plan to upload some more videos to my channel in the coming months so I would love it if you wanted to subscribe and leave any comments you have.