Sense & Stylability is solely written by myself. I occasionally will have a guest writer but that will always be stated in the post. All content and photo's belong to myself unless otherwise stated.

Most of the products written about here on Sense & Stylability are purchased by myself. If a product I talk about is a PR sample the post will always feature a disclaimer [*] at the bottom of the post or next to the product name. Regardless if I purchased the product, if it was given to me or if I am given a discount for my thoughts to be relayed, they will always be my true and honest thoughts 100% of the time. 

Sponsored posts will always feature a disclaimer [*] in the title and a full description disclaimer [*] at the bottom of the post. Although I may receive payment for a sponsored post, I will never post anything which I do not believe in or I do not believe is worthy. My thoughts are always 100% my own. Any small payment that is received goes back into my blog, this is my way of making it better and hopefully more enjoyable for you.

I may use affiliate links in a few posts, this means that if you purchase something through these links I receive a very small portion of the profits. I will never be affiliated with a brand or website unless I believe they are worthy. My opinion on products will always be truthful even if they are affiliated. Posts with affiliate links will always feature a disclaimer [*].  Some adds in my side bar or banners may also be affiliated.

I have a passion for beauty products and makeup and would never want to give any other opinion than my own. Receiving a discount on a product or being sent a product will never effect my opinion on it.

I always want to be open and honest so if you have any questions then please feel free to contact me. 

Thank you for taking the time to read and your continued support of Sense & Stylability.